Learning at home with your children can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience. Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN) supports families with critical information, resources, helpful suggestions, and words of encouragement from homeschool families and professionals in Oregon. We encourage you to explore all possibilities with a view toward developing your own learning philosophy and homeschooling style. This website will provide the information you need to be a successful homeschooling family in Oregon.

OHEN Resource Fair is Back!

Join us at Oaks Park’s Not Back to School Day September 8 for our Resource Fair and Curriculum Sale! Meet vendors, learn about new activities and materials for your homeschooler, and connect with other families! You can also shop for used curriculum, or sell your own on consignment! Find out more!

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We’ve added a page to the website with advertised resources. Details in the new blog post.

The New Face of Homeschooling

A recent article in The 74, a non-profit news source on education, is about a new survey on homeschooling that “found that the reasons families began homeschooling in the past year are ‘shifting away from being a values-driven decision to an environment-driven decision.'” The New Face of Homeschooling: Less Religious and Conservative, More Focused on Quality

Homeschooling in Oregon Session

Contact OHEN if you would like to have a Homeschooling in Oregon session near you. Learn about types of homeschooling, what it takes to homeschool in Oregon, and meet other local homeschoolers.

OHEN Needs You

Do you like numbers? Are you interested in supporting homeschooling in Oregon? OHEN is seeking volunteers for the positions of Treasurer, Event Coordinator, and Web Support. Be active and contribute to the flourishing homeschooling community in Oregon. Let OHEN know of your interest and join us in providing information and support to all Oregon homeschoolers.

OHEN in the News

OHEN Board President is quoted in the article “Despite return to in-person classes, many who chose homeschooling during pandemic stay home” from the Oregon Capitol Chronicle. It includes statistics on the increase in homeschooling in Oregon over the past couple of years. However it is incorrect in stating that homeschooled students may opt out of the mandatory testing. See our testing page for more information.

OHEN Response to COVID-19

We recognize that many families with children in public schools are continuing with a home-bound educational environment. Families who have been homeschooling for some time have also experienced a radical change in the homeschool environment. We welcome all families at this time, and we are happy to provide information, resources, advice, and assistance in establishing a productive and valuable experience for your children at this time.

We are monitoring national local legislative events regarding this situation. Click below for current Legislative Updates.

Please join our Facebook discussion forum to connect with other homeschoolers and school-at-homers for ideas, answers, and community:

OHEN is a statewide, all-inclusive, volunteer-run nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information about homeschooling and promoting connection among homeschoolers. OHEN honors the rights of families to facilitate their children’s educational path and to make choices that respect the rights, needs, and aspirations of their children.

Difference between Independent Homeschooling and Online

What’s the Difference Between Homeschooling in Oregon and Charter/Online Schools? This infographic lays out some of the differences between legally independently homeschooling in Oregon and using charter or online school programs at home. Select the infographic to expand it.


Come meet OHEN and bring your homeschooling questions to be answered. Join the Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN) informational Facebook page to learn the date of each presentation. All meetups and informational sessions are currently held online. Contact us to schedule one.

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