Learning at home with your children can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience. OHEN was developed to help families find support in the form of critical information, resources, helpful suggestions, and words of encouragement from families and professionals in Oregon.We encourage you to explore all the possibilities with a view toward developing your own learning philosophy and homeschooling style. We’ve provided this website to help you find information you need to be successful as a homeschooling family in Oregon.

2018 Homeschool Prom

Thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered at OHEN’s Annual Homeschool Prom. Our new venue, the Multnomah Arts Center, worked well and the pictures were a hit. Become an OHEN member or join our facebook group to receive notification of next fall’s Costume Dance, or keep checking here.

If you would like to help with any aspect of OHEN activity, please fill out our Volunteer Form.


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Kid in red jacket jumping in puddle.
Homeschooling in Oregon
Books outside with flowers and an apple.
Girls playing with big bubble.