To Sell Used Curriculum at the Resource Fair

Your curriculum materials must be in reasonably usable shape – that is, no major stains, most worksheets unused, intact, no mold or dirt. 

You may sell books, games, manipulatives, small toys, writing and drawing implements, etc. 

No furniture or clothing.

Label Your Materials

Use 4×6 index cards cut in half to 3×4, or 3×5 cards. Write your last name and first initial on the top left. Write price on top right. If you like, put the book name in the middle. Attach to the item with painter’s tape or scotch tape. 

Please keep to round dollar amounts (no cents), and nothing should be priced at less than $1.

Bring Your Materials to the Dance Pavilion

You are responsible for bringing your materials to the Dance Pavilion from the parking lot. You will not be able to drive up to the Dance Pavilion. Materials may be brought in no earlier than 12:00pm.

We will have 12 round tables at the back of the Pavilion. There is a back door where you can enter to drop off materials, or you can bring them through the front entrance. Arrange your materials on one of the tables. Keep in mind there will be other sellers too, so be neighborly with the available space!

Register as a Curriculum Seller

You can register in advance (and we encourage it!) at You MUST also check in with the Curriculum Fair Coordinator at the cashier desk near the round tables. They will have a database of sellers, and you will be able to make sure they have your name and contact information, and you can sign an agreement to have your materials sold at the Fair.

Tags from items will be removed when sales are made, and your proceeds will be tallied up and a check will be sent to you. You will receive 80% of the sale price for materials you’ve sold. Allow at least one week for processing of all the sale amounts and who gets paid what.

Pick Up Unsold Materials at the End of the Fair

You are responsible for collecting your unsold materials no later than 4:00pm. Any materials not picked up by 4:10pm will become the property of the organizer and may be donated, disposed of, or resold.