OHEN is an inclusive, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting all of Oregon’s homeschooling families. OHEN supports the right of all homeschoolers to educate their children with as little government intervention as possible. Celebrating the diversity within our homeschooling community, OHEN welcomes any person without regard to educational philosophy, religion, creed, race, color, gender, or ethnic or national origin.

What We Do
OHEN encourages networking and communication among homeschooling families. OHEN works with various homeschooling support groups and libraries around the state to help prospective and current homeschoolers find the support, resources, and information that are so vital to their success as their children’s primary educators.

OHEN follows state legislative activity and local and national trends that might affect homeschooling. OHEN volunteers try to be vigilant in keeping families informed in order to protect the natural right of parents to educate their children.

  • OHEN sponsors a statewide convention and occasional workshops
  • OHEN supports homeschoolers through email and phone helplines
  • OHEN sponsors an annual homeschool prom and other dances
  • OHEN maintains a website, a facebook page, and an e-group for members

Board of Directors
The OHEN Board meets quarterly and is comprised entirely of volunteer homeschooling parents. Our meetings are always open to OHEN members.

Serving on the Board is a great way to support our homeschooling community. Board members are asked to serve a two-year term and attend at least three meetings each year.

  • President: Rosalyn Newhouse
  • Vice President: Katie Dingman
  • Secretary: Genna McLeod
  • Treasurer: Mai Lon Ross
  • Events and Registrar: Caren de la Cruz

Not Board Members but serving a vital role for OHEN:

  • President Emeritus: Phyllis Nakayama
  • Legislative Liaison: Barbara Smythe
  • Legislative Consultant: Amy Grant

If you would like to serve on the Board, please send a letter of interest to OHEN at PO Box 82715, Portland OR 97282-0715. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Form. If you have any questions or would like more information, leave a message on the OHEN voicemail line 503-893-2744 or email us at info@www.ohen.org.

Become an OHEN Member