If you would like to post an advertisement on this website, or have questions, please email advertising@ohen.org.

General Policy

  • Ads must be relevant to homeschooling families, and “family friendly” in content.
  • Ads may consist of one graphic image (logo or photo no larger than 1.5”x1.5”) and up to 100 words of text, or a single graphic image measuring no more than 3” high by 7” wide.
  • One hyperlink may be provided per advertisement.
  • OHEN reserves the right to reject any advertising.


Ad content should be submitted by email to webmaster@ohen.org, with the subject line ADVERTISEMENT FOR WEBSITE. Graphics should be attached to the email in jpg or pdf format.


    • Ad contracts run until the end of the calendar year (December 31st).
    • Each ad costs $60. Rates are not pro-rated.

See the Advertised Resources page.