A. Schools are required to permit homeschoolers to participate in interscholastic activities such as sports or debate club, if the child meets certain requirements. For detailed information, see the Oregon Statutes and Administrative Rules. Homeschool students must register to homeschool by the beginning of the school year in order to participate in Oregon Student Activities Association (OSAA) activities, unless their local District Committee waives the mid-year transfer rule. Homeschoolers who also take public school classes should review OSAA rules to avoid ineligibility problems. For more information, see the Oregon School Activities Association. Schools are not required by law to permit homeschoolers access to any other part of their program. Some school districts permit students to participate in classes part-time, and rarely, allow use of books and facilities. Contact your local school to see what the possibilities are. For other extracurricular programs, contact the program for any requirements.