A. Homeschooled students are welcomed in many institutions of higher learning throughout the country, ranging from local community colleges to Ivy League universities. Most of these institutions value ability and attitude over formal transcripts, diplomas or GEDs. Call the admissions department of the school that interests you and ask about their policy for admitting homeschooled students. Almost all colleges and universities now have homeschool advisors in their Admissions departments, who can help you with how to prepare and apply for the college experience.

Most libraries and bookstores carry a wide assortment of books, directories, and guides that will help older homeschoolers get information and prepare for college. Many homeschoolers choose an apprenticeship as a faster and more satisfying entry into their adult lives. Herbert Kohl’s book “The Question Is College” and Grace Llewellyn’s “Teenage Liberation Guidebook” can be great helps to families working through these decisions. It should be noted that college is not necessarily the only or even the best route for every young person. Going to college without a clear idea of what you expect to gain can be a very expensive form of self-discovery. And remember, the decision to forgo college is never irrevocable. Most institutions highly value older students, since they are usually enthusiastic and focused on learning.

For more thoughts and research on preparing for college see this article by local author and homeschooling parent, Lori Dunlap.