A. Children have the most amazing ability to want to learn the one thing about which we know absolutely nothing! It’s a universal attribute. Homeschooling families are blessed in having the “world as their classroom.” There are classes (correspondence, video, support groups, community centers, colleges, etc.) taught by experts, but many children are very capable of teaching themselves, just as adults do when they have something new they want to learn. One of the most powerful learning experiences for a child is to have a parent learning right alongside him or her. Parents, thankfully, do not have to be the expert in every area. Learn with your child, or search your community for resources that will help your child learn. And when searching for “teachers,” don’t overlook friends, acquaintances, and business people in your community. Most people are delighted to have a young person around who is sincerely interested in what they do and know. It is perfectly okay to hire tutors or homeschool consultants, or to pay for classes outside the home.