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Central Oregon Open Learners (COOL)
COOL is a secular, inclusive support and activity group for unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers in Central Oregon, specifically in Bend and the surrounding areas. We have weekly park or play days, a twice a month Mom’s night out, family potlucks, field trips, hands-on activities (swim parties, card & craft making parties, clay classes, a knitting club) and on-line, as well as in-person, support.

Facebook Page: Central Oregon Open Learners

Central Oregon Homeschoolers of Redmond (COHR)
This group is open to all home educators who live in the Redmond/Central Oregon area. It is community based and not affiliated with any church or institution, open for sharing events, ideas and topics pertaining to the homeschool community.

Facebook Page: Central Oregon Homeschool Group

Facebook Page: Central Oregon Homeschool Meetup