Email Groups and Websites

We are an active group of homeschoolers who meet regularly for park days, potlucks, and a variety of other activities and opportunities to connect with other homeschoolers. We welcome all homeschool families regardless of age, race, gender, ability, disability, class, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or homeschooling style.

Eugene Area Unschoolers
This is a list created for the sole purpose of connecting Eugene area unschoolers. Connecting, networking, discussion, activities, gatherings, and event planning is encouraged. This is an exclusive and secular list. This is not a homeschooling list, nor a Waldorf-unschooling list, nor a list for someone who does not know what unschooling is. There are other lists that fit those needs. Acknowledging that there are families on varying locations of the unschooling spectrum, we are here to support each other on our unschooling paths.

Veneta Home Education Network
Focused on building a strong Homeschool community throughout West Lane County, including West Eugene, Veneta, Elmira, Crow, Junction City. Members agree to host just 2 activities a year. This can be as simple as a play date at your home to a more elaborate field trip. Only members have access to the membership directory and member-only activities. A newsletter listing activities open to all homeschoolers as well as other information is available at the Fern Ridge Library.