Email Groups & Websites

The website and email list are for families who homeschool their autistic spectrum children full-time or part-time. Discussions encompass both education and autism: developing programs that meet individual needs and learning styles, teaching methods, curriculums, resources (books, websites, organizations, etc), autism therapies, homeschool laws, IDEA laws as applied to homeschoolers, homeschool support groups, addressing lack of support from family and professionals, environmental issues, diet, nutrition, etc.

Autism Society of Oregon
The Autism Society of Oregon’s mission is to empower individuals with Autism, their families, and their service providers to improve the quality of their lives through support and information. The website lists support groups throughout Oregon as well as many helpful resources.

Homeschooling Special Needs
This list is for parents who are homeschooling special needs kids, either full or part-time, in Oregon. The purpose of this list is to share experiences, ideas and resources. We are here to offer a soft shoulder or a firm technique. Please know that we want people to be real about their challenges and frustrations while remaining positive and supportive. Parents of children with any manner of physical, emotional, mental, or behavioral challenges are welcome to join us for discussion.

NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network (NATHHAN)
Christian Families Homeschooling Special Needs Children Christian-oriented quarterly newsletter for special needs homeschooling.

PDX Aspergers Network
A local support group meets once a month to provide general support for families with Aspergers Syndrome in the family. There are separate groups for AS adults and AS kids. The group schedules general meetings with speakers, potlucks or other activities approximately once a month. General meetings are held in SE Portland. Game Club is a monthly activity for kids up to age 16 or so. Kids get together and play Nintendo-type games, trade cards, play board games, and visit.