Looking for community? Build it, they will come

Guest Blog post by Chrissie Korolsky We all want community and it can be hard to find your homeschooling people. If you haven’t already, find out what’s available to you. There may already be lots of opportunities for homeschooling families to connect in your area. Open play groups, gaming gatherings, field trips, library programs, homeschool..

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Tailoring Education to Unique Needs

Guest blog post by Lottie West The surge in homeschooling among children with learning disabilities underscores a shift in educational preferences. According to Accesswire, a striking 38%  of the 2.5 million homeschoolers in the United States are students with special needs. This is a substantial increase compared to the 14.7% enrolled in special education programs..

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Open to Advertising

OHEN is an all volunteer organization. We have expenses and therefore need income. We get that from memberships, event tickets, and event table rentals. However the latter two have been lacking in the past few years. So we have decided, as well as because we get requests about it frequently, to add a paid advertisement..

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Oregon Legislature approves HB4036

March, 2018 The Oregon legislature has approved HB4036. It now goes to Governor Kate Brown to sign into law. This bill amends ORS 339.460, which relates to homeschool students, charter school students, and interscholastic activities. It clarifies the definition of “Interscholastic activities” to include activities for students in Kindergarten through grade 12. For students from..

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Prom 2017

Thank you to everyone for coming to the 2017 OHEN Homeschool Prom. The DJ was great, the decorations were great, the room was great, the volunteers were great, and the guests were fabulous! Next dance will be the Costume Dance in October.