March, 2018

The Oregon legislature has approved HB4036. It now goes to Governor Kate Brown to sign into law. This bill amends ORS 339.460, which relates to homeschool students, charter school students, and interscholastic activities. It clarifies the definition of “Interscholastic activities” to include activities for students in Kindergarten through grade 12. For students from K-8 it specifies “activities that are offered only before or after regular school hours and that may, but are not required to, involve interaction among other schools.”

KATU news states that

“The measure, HB4036, expands on a 2017 act allowing home and charter school students to participate in sports and other activities, clarifying which programs are included, and requiring districts to allow nontraditional students to participate. It also caps fees the students can be charged, and prohibits districts from prioritizing regular students. Previously some schools had blocked some students from certain activities, said the bill’s sponsor, House Minority Leader Mike McLane.”

ORS 339.460 had previously defined interscholastic activities as “athletics, music, speech and other similar or related activities.”