Once again, we are hosting our Resource Fair in conjunction with the annual Not Back to School Day at Oaks Amusement Park on Friday September  7, 2018.

Not Back to School Day typically attracts 500 TO 1000 VISITORS FROM APPROXIMATELY 400 HOMESCHOOLING FAMILIES, about 75% of whom are from the Portland metro area. This is right at the beginning of the academic year when many parents are just beginning to organize their curriculum and projects for the year.

Some of the highlights of the Resource Fair include:


  • Very affordable pricing:
    • Commercial and non-profit vendors: $50 with OHEN-supplied table, $40 if you bring a table.
    • Private and home-based vendors: $25 with OHEN-supplied table, $15 if you bring a table.
    • Young Entrepreneurs (16 years old and younger): $15 with OHEN-supplied table, $5 if you bring your own table.
  • The Resource Fair will be held indoors in the Dance Pavilion, with a Book Fair, Kidspace, and ASK OHEN table offering short information sessions throughout the day.
  • Participating vendors will be listed on our website in advance of the Resource Fair. We will also be providing families with a “passport” booklet listing all vendors, to encourage attendance at each vendor table.
  • Signage will be available throughout the park encouraging parents to come visit the Resource Fair, and we will also be handing out flyers in the early part of the day encouraging visitors.The Resource Fair is intended for vendors providing goods and services specifically targeted toward homeschooling families, such as sports and educational programs, curriculum materials, enrichment opportunities, etc., with an intended audience of 7 to 18-year-olds and their parents.

    The Resource Fair schedule is as follows:

    10:00AM-11:00AM   Vendor Check-in and Setup (please do not arrive before 10:00)
    11:00am-4:00pm      Not Back to School Day Event
    3:00PM-3:30PM       Vendor Cleanup

    You may hand out materials at your table, such as brochures, price lists, small souvenirs with your logo, or similar items. Small candy treats may also be distributed, but you cannot sell food or give out food samples.

    Vendor registration deadline is August 5. Participating vendors will be listed on the OHEN website as they register.

    If you can’t attend, but would like to provide materials for our Vendor Promotion table, please email vendor@www.ohen.org for additional information.

    Thank you in advance for your support of OHEN and the Oregon homeschooling community!