Homeschooling Magazines

There are many helpful homeschooling magazines and newsletters. Many publishers will send a sample copy upon request.

Home Education Magazine
$26/year. 6 issues per year.

Classical Homeschooling Magazine
All 4 issues available free on-line.

Life Learning Magazine
$21/year. 6 issues per year.

Secular Homeschooling Magazine
$28/year. 4 issues per year.

Practical Homeschooling
(Christian focus) $17.95/year. 5 issues per year.

The Teaching Home: A Christian Magazine for Home Educators
Free e-mail newsletter. Archives available on-line.

Homeschooling Today: Practical Help For Christian Families
$29.99/year. 4 issues per year.

The Old Schoolhouse
(Christian) Monthly magazine viewable online for free.