The legal requirements to homeschool in Oregon are relatively simple. The law states that you register your child with your local Education Service District (ESD) the year they are 6 on September 1st, or within 10 days of withdrawing from school. Registration can be done by mail, or in many ESDs online. And test at the end of grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. See the Summary of Test Requirements for Oregon Homeschoolers for more details.

Oregon does not require the use of any particular curriculum. You are free to choose how  you would like to homeschool, and what resources you would like to use.  While technically considered public school not homeschool, many families use online charter schools to educate their children away from the brick and mortar classroom.

Complying with Oregon Laws
A step-by-step guide

Oregon Department of Education’s Home Schooling Page
Be sure to check out the Questions and Answers and Laws, Data and Resources links near the bottom of the page for more detailed information.

Summary of Testing Requirements for Oregon Homeschoolers
When to test, what tests are required, what the results mean, and other information about standardized testing for homeschoolers

Testing Alternatives for Children with Disabilities
A homeschooler’s guide to PDPs

Beginning to Homeschool
Some reassuring tips for those starting out

Just a few ideas for curriculum you can use to homeschool.

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