There are a number of programs in Oregon with classes and activities either designed specifically for homeschoolers, or that welcome and encourage homeschoolers. Community centers are also great resources for homeschool-friendly classes, and many community centers are open to creating classes for homeschool groups.

Oregon Community Colleges accept homeschoolers 16 and up, younger with permission, to all the regular college classes. A College Placement Test will be required to place students into the appropriate level classes.

Portland Metro Area

Alder Commons

Alder Commons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community space where kids and adults alike attend workshops and classes, and spend their time freely. A multigenerational and multicultural community, we practice and promote our Core Values of Self-Determination, Collective Liberation, and Community Support.

Engineering for Kids
Engineering for Kids has offered engineering related classes in Portland for more than five years. They have classes especially designed for homeschoolers Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, in addition to after school and weekend offerings.

First Class Clackamas Teens
FCCT is an academic community for homeschool teens in Damascus. We offer Monday classes with experienced, engaging tutors, and monthly events and field trips. We have identified 3 core principles that guide our program: Affordable, Christ-Centered, and Partners with Parents.

Oregon Homeschool Science Club (OHSC)
OHSC at OMSI in Portland offers classes from Kindergarten through 9th grade. Science levels overlap by grades to give flexibility to parents wanting to challenge their child, or to accommodate students warming up to science or traditional classroom structure. All classes are on Tuesdays, either at 10:00, 11:15, or 1:00, and generally run one hour.  Middle School Challenge students’ and HS/MS STEM classes are two-hour blocks. Classes are 12 weeks in the fall, 12 weeks in the spring.for a total of 24 weeks.

Portland Community College Open Enrollment
Homeschoolers can get a head start on college, pursue special interests, make-up or supplement high school experience, or earn PCC credits toward a degree.
For Cascade: Hal Lee at 503-978-5416 or
For Rock Creek: April Nording at 503-614-7290 or
For Southeast Center: Linda Gettman at 503-788-6252 or
For Sylvania: Jo Lynn Dow at 503-977-4473 or

Portland Parks
The Portland Parks department offers homeschool activities and classes at many community centers. Plus, you can sometimes work with them to create and offer your own activity.

Rewild Portland
Nature Immersion is a weekly outdoor program with Rewild Portland for children ages 5 to 11 that runs from September to June. Each Friday, children spend the day at a natural greenspace in the Portland area. The day is filled with engagement in the natural world and social interaction between peers and skilled mentors of nature and ancestral skills. Because the program is on a “school day” (Friday), it is mostly a homeschool program.

Saturday Academy
Saturday Academy provides the opportunity for students to work with community professionals to explore their curiosity. Our class sizes are small (10-12) and focus on science, technology, engineering, math, humanities, and the arts.

Tigard-Tualatin Online Academy
The Tigard-Tualatin Online Academy is a great fit for homeschool families looking for an online option or supplemental classes for homeschool programs because we offer: free core and elective classes for grades 6-12, rigorous curriculum, student support, Oregon certified teachers, state-of-the-art learning center, extended hours, and access to ˜brick and mortar’ programs (space available).

Trackers Earth Portland
Trackers Earth offers a homeschool program where kids can make new friends while learning skills of outdoor leadership. They share in adventures with a team of like-minded peers.. Trackers provides innovative education in nature connection and authentic outdoor skills. Classes include outdoor skills, wild plants, archery, restoration and much more. The organization and education models are collaborative, with a purpose to create a village of connection to the land, accountability, common sense, and limitless enthusiasm.

Village Free School (Portland)
The Village Free School is a non-profit school for children ages 5-18. The students at our school choose what they want to learn and how they want to spend their time. Our advisors encourage students to ask questions, explore, and play as we nurture their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical health. We know that when kids learn the art of problem solving in a holistic way, their skills can be applied to any subject.

Village Home Education Resource Center (Beaverton & Portland)
Village Home is an inclusive, diverse learning community providing classes, field trips, workshops, and travel programs for homeschooling families. Village Home offers non-graded, non-credit weekly classes in all subject areas for all ages to supplement your family’s unique homeschool education plans. In addition to academic enrichment, Village Home offers community for homeschooling families.

Southern Oregon
Southern Oregon University Youth Programs
Offering elementary through high school enrichment classes after school hours and on weekends. Many homeschoolers take these classes.

Community Colleges

Community Colleges accept homeschoolers 16 and up, younger with permission, to all the regular college classes. A College Placement Test will be required to place students into the appropriate level classes.For more Alternative Education Programs including Charter Schools, Correspondence Courses, and Distance Learning Programs, go to: Alternative Educational Paths.